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New Moon Rituals

The new moon is a time of new beginnings. It is a time to start fresh, create intentions, and an excellent time for manifesting, and working with the divine to start on a new path. No matter your religious or spiritual beliefs, we see that the moon has it’s cycles – the cycles that God/the Universe/Source/Allah, etc created – along with all the other natural cycles of the day, seasons of the year, menstruation, and life itself. These cycles align with the creative process as well.

The cycle is:

Birth, spring, waxing moon, sprouting plant, follicular phase of menstrual cycle

Mid-life, summer, full moon, fruitful plant, ovulation

Old age, Fall, waning moon, decay, luteal phase

Death, Winter, New moon, gone to seed, bleeding phase of menstruation

In the creative process, it’s the same thing:  The inspiration or birth of an idea, the fruition of an idea, the completion of an idea, and what Kate Northrup has dubbed the “fertile void”.

In order for a sprout to grow, a plant must go to seed. That seed must be buried, like in death…except the seed still carries the possibility of life. Life energy resides in that tiny seed. So even when you feel that you can’t move forward or you are stuck and don’t know what to do…that seed is there, waiting for some sunlight, waiting for the ground to thaw, waiting for the warm showers of Spring.

In the cycle of the moon (and possibly your menstrual cycle if you have one and it is aligned), right now is the season of the seed. It is the time to plant your intentions, to trust that your ideas and your goals have life force behind them, and that they will come to fruition in time.

The following rituals can be done individually, or all together as one. You may light a candle when you begin, and blow it out when you are done, whether it’s just one, or all of them. Make them your own!

Gratitude Ritual:

  • Light a candle if you wish, or diffuse some essential oils that make you feel good.
  • Write down all the things you are grateful for, especially from the past 4 weeks.
  • Write down all the things that have gone well, no matter how small.
  • Then sit in the feeling of gratitude for all the blessings in your life.


“Thank you [insert deity/universe here] for your support and for your blessings. I am grateful for the cycles of the universe that are an example of how I can live and am grateful I can tap into them for support. I am grateful for how you bring me what I need when I need it, for the challenges that help me grow, and the blessings that support my passions and purpose in this life. [You may repeat your lists here if you’d like]. I release the things that do not serve me. I release the things that hold me back from pursuing my purpose, taking time to feed my soul, or giving to the world. I release the distractions, frustration, discouragement, and clutter. I release them down into the earth so they can be reborn into something new that will produce good fruit. And so it is. Amen.”

Blow out the candle to seal your ritual.

Intentions Ritual:

[Many elements of this ritual are inspired by rituals described in Moonology by Jasmin Boland]

  • Light a candle, or keep it going. A green candle is a good choice if you have one since it signifies growth, new beginnings, and abundance.
  • Take out a journal and tap into your imagination. Write out all the things you wish to see come to fruition in your life, even if they feel impossible. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Make a list of the top 10 things you wish to see happen in your life, no matter how realistic you feel they are. The more specific you are, the better.
  • Take time to imagine your life as if those things DID come to fruition. How do they FEEL? Feel the gratitude and the joy.
  • To solidify those things in your mind, take some time to draw, color, or beautifully hand write your list.
  • Write out the steps you will take during this lunar cycle to bring those things to fruition.
  • Spend time each day visualizing the manifestation of your intentions, and feeling grateful for them. If you wish, you can say a prayer of gratitude as well (your own, or the prayer above).
  • Add the steps to your calendar or planner!

Self Care & Self-Forgiveness (Ho’oponopono) Ritual:

This includes a very basic Ho’oponopono (“to make right”) Hawaiian forgiveness process combined with water to cleanse away negative energy. To learn more about it, check out this article. This ritual is also inspired by Laureen Mally’s new moon rituals from The Woo Collective.

Take the time to wash away the past lunar month and start fresh!

Take a few minutes to meditate or journal about the past few weeks. Think about things that have come up for you either within yourself, or within your relationships with others. Don’t judge it, just observe what comes up. Allow yourself to feel whatever feelings come up. Cry or be angry if you need to.

Optional: Before bathing, prepare a bowl of warm water by adding natural salts, herbs, and/or a few drops of essential oils. Use what you are drawn to, or what you know can help support your intentions for the month. Bring your bowl into the bath or shower with you. If you are taking a bath and use essential oils, mix them into natural or epsom salts first.

  • Before bathing, bring a bowl (or one filled with herbs) into the shower with you or have it nearby.
  • When in the bath or shower, say the Ho’oponopono creed three times:

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Notice anything else that comes up emotionally and forgive yourself or others. Forgive yourself and release yourself from focusing on “negative” about yourself, and instead fill yourself with love. Love the imperfect parts of yourself. Send love to others.

  • Imagine surrounding yourself with a pink bubble and fill it with love.
  • Imagine the people you need to forgive, surround them with a pink bubble, fill it with love, and blow it away.
  • Take your bowl, fill it with water if need be, and pour it over your head, allowing it to wash away anything else you need to release. Say the Ho’oponopono one last time, really feeling into the words.
  • Open your hands, palm up, and imagine loving white light from God, Source, the Universe, to fill you up with through the top of your head and your hands.
  • Thank the Divine for supporting you and finish your shower.

My Inner Lioness

My Inner Lioness – A manifesto of my spiritual journey

I wrote a story for you.
This explains where I am now in my spiritual journey and I felt was important for me to share before I start my new business in earnest. I need to be 100% authentic in order to full share my unique gifts with the world and a lot has changed in my spiritual journey.
I was a teenager/young adult when I started to discover my charismatic spiritual gifts. I would pray for people and see images and sense their meaning for the person I was praying for. I would sometimes sense messages without an image. Looking back, I have often felt a stronger connection to the Holy Spirit (the unseen, guiding, and intuitive characteristics of God). There were no dad issues to cloud my relationship, as the Holy Spirit didn’t have a clear gender like Father God and Jesus. I certainly prayed to the entire trinity, but I just related to that ethereal aspect of God on a different level.
I went to a charismatic conference and went up for a prophetic word (message from God) for myself, and what stuck with me most was that she said I would be a spiritual leader like Deborah (the only female Judge and leader before Israel had kings), that I was strong like a lioness, protective, and someone who would be an example to others.
I got a similar prophetic word from someone I knew who saw me leading people up a mountain, looking like Joan of Arc. At the time I had hair about 2.5-3 feet long, and I took it as a sign I was meant to cut my hair (I feel more like my true self now that my hair is short again!)
No matter what church I was in, I often had a place of leadership of some kind, most often leading musical worship in some capacity. I’ve been using my musical gifts in church pretty much my whole life.
Nearly four years ago I started learning and educating myself about systems of oppression and racism in our country (and the world in general). I saw how the “system” of Christianity didn’t always align with Jesus’ teachings as I understood them. I saw how so many churches and prominent Christian leaders rejected people in both obvious ways (rejection of LGBTQIA+, women in leadership) and not so obvious ways (supporting people and political ideologies that perpetuate systems of oppression). I was involved in churches that were closer to allyship, supported women in leadership, and whose leadership ideology supported anti-racism. But stopped short of open, full support of progressive social justice. This isn’t to say the work they do isn’t important for some people groups, and they are able to reach people earlier on their journeys towards dismantling white supremacy. But I couldn’t continue being a part of something with such a huge cognitive dissonance between the grace and social justice work of Jesus himself, and the fear and oppression inherent in conservative mainstream Christianity. How could I possibly be a part of something that was starting to go against my journey towards dismantling my internalized white supremacy and work towards leveraging my privilege? So I slowly backed away.

I went through a period of shedding the patriarchal and oppressive elements of my faith until I got to a core of who Jesus is. And I began to open myself up to other ways of thinking within Christian tradition. I discovered Christian mysticism, Contemplative Christianity, and the idea of nonduality – that God isn’t “out there”, but a part of us. That seeking to transform our minds into the mind of Christ is to become one with Christ in the truest sense.

Through this, I also became more open to other forms of connecting with God that conservative Christianity often views as “evil” or “witchcraft”. I found that connection to the earth by paying attention to the cycles of life and the world (phases of the day, lunar cycles, menstrual cycles, and yes, even astrological movements), and utilizing God’s creation to support my physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual well being (herbs, essential oils, crystals), helped me feel more in tune with myself and supported my spiritual growth. I discovered that card reading, such as Tarot and Oracle cards, could be used to connect with God and hear the Holy Spirit much in the same way as casting lots in the Bible or spirit-led prayer (and that more Christians utilize them than you might think).

Ultimately, I’ve shed the judgment and spiritual assumptions made about Christian spirituality that have become commonplace in Western mainstream Christianity. I am passionate about supporting oppressed and marginalized people groups. Who am I to judge how someone connects to God or the Universe? The Holy Spirit guides us and speaks to us all individually. I’m done saying “This is the way it is”, because God is bigger than my and my capacity for understanding in this human existence.

I realize that this may alienate me from some people. That some of my Christian friends may think of me as a heretic, a “lost” Christian, or that I’ve fallen away from the faith. But I can tell you that after years of feeling far away from God and like something was missing, I am more connected than I have been in a VERY long time. I have a stronger sense of purpose and clarity on how I can serve people.

If you don’t resonate with my words and don’t want to be aligned with me, that’s okay. I wish you well on your own spiritual journey.

If you DO resonate with my words, I hope that I can be of service to you! My services can be adapted to fit your current level of comfort with spiritual things. Don’t want me to use crystals during a session? Totally fine! Only want me to use my Jesus Oracle cards (with Scripture verses on them) during an intuitive reading? I can do that!

Ultimately my goal is to help YOU connect with your own spirituality and inner voice, and that’s going to be different for every person. The more we connect to ourselves (our inner Christ consciousness, the words the Holy Spirit speaks to us when we are wholly listening, our higher selves, or whatever language you use) on a deep spiritual level, the more we are able to come alongside our brothers and sisters on this earth with us. The more we are able to connect in true equality to create support systems and community the more EVERYONE gets free. The more we connect with our inner voices, the more we are able to bring our unique gifts to the world and we ALL need to do that in order to rise up in love for one another.

Keep an eye out for some of the ways I plan to support equality through my business:

* Inclusive marketing (ie: not just cis skinny white people)
* Scholarship program for intersectional activists and POC/LGBTQIA+ folx who serve others (ie: spiritual leaders, doulas, etc)
* Centering POC/LGBTQIA+ voices and services, including a recommendation page and continuing to share their public work through my communication outlets.
* Paying POC/LGBTQIA+ spiritual leaders for services and supporting them through Patreon, etc (ie: not just taking their emotional work that they do for free).
* Continuing to do the emotional work of educating white/cis people about issues of privilege.
I am so excited to be on this journey!

Humbly and with Love,

[Photo Collage by Marieke Schwartz]