Well, first off, I tend to be long-winded, so I’m gonna do my best to keep this short and sweet!

I’ve always been a singer and used my voice – often with an unintended healing affect. At age 3, I started singing solos at church and eventually, and in the round about way that is life, I went on to get a degree in Classical Vocal Performance. I performed a bit, but mostly taught. I loved helping people tap into their voice and hear it become the best it could be.

Growing up I was the eldest of 4 kids, including one with special needs, and in a family that large, it’s easy for your voice to get overlooked. Add in difficult life situations and trauma, and it’s easy to learn to put aside your dreams for others, hide your true self, and change your voice to suit the needs of others.

Over the years, I began to reconnect with my voice on multiple levels – with my inner voice, within my spirituality, and in how I express myself to the world. The past few years since becoming a mother have increased that exponentially. I became more connected to my intuition, and I’ve gained tools to help others connect with their voices.

My passion is two-fold: First, to help people connect to themselves by practicing self care, so they can express their innate creativity in whatever form it may be. And secondly, to help people connect to their physical and inner voices through singing, energy work, and intuitive guidance.

I am all about CONNECTION. I love to connect people, to see the connections in the world around us, and help people connect to what they need. I’m a Libra, and I think finding the balance is often about connection for me. We’re all connected, but I believe that it’s not just what makes us similar that connects us, but the ways in which we’re different. An electric plug and another electric plug don’t fit together even though they’re the same. But they do fit perfectly into a wall socket, and they can do so close to one another. In the same way, some people are aligned with each other and go in the same direction, but other people are the connection point. They challenge us in the way that we need, or they balance us with their unique gifts.

I think this idea is partly why I’m passionate about social justice. I came from a fairly conservative background, but in college I got to know and became friends with people very different from me and I loved them for all their parts and differences. I came to question many of my longstanding beliefs and ultimately made the choice to love people above all else. Then in 2014, just a few months after my daughter was born, Michael Brown was killed and that was the catalyst for my awakening to the depth of racism still present in our country. I was horrified that I hadn’t seen its depth and I started to learn and educate myself about issues of social justice and how so many are tied to racism, including my own internalized white privilege and racism. I continue to learn and dismantle my own white supremacy and use my privilege to benefit others. I know it’s a journey that will not end, but I hope to make a difference however I can because when we help others get free, we all get free.

My anti-racism journey was partly responsible for my spiritual expansion as well, in a somewhat round about way. The cognitive dissonance between what I saw in the mainstream/conservative church, and what I know to be true about our country’s systems of oppression caused me to question my beliefs. Some of them stayed, some of them expanded, but I decided I couldn’t be a part of yet another system that was oppressing people, or at the very least, complicit in their oppression.

Some could call me a Christian because I believe in Jesus, and some could say I’m a heretic because I read Tarot cards.

I say I’m here to help people find freedom and community by connecting with their inner voice and spirituality so they can be their authentic selves to the fullest.

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My Anti-Racism and Social Justice Commitments:

As a cis-gender white woman and acknowledging my various levels of privilege I commit to the following:

I will constantly do inner work to dismantle my own racism, white supremacy, colonization, ableism, fatphobia, homophobia, and genderism.

I will listen to BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color), LGBTQIAP+, and people in the disabled community.

I will humbly make changes if I am called out, in or forward by people in the aforementioned communities.

I will not delete the emotional work of people in the aforementioned communities, no matter how it makes me look.

I will not participate in cultural appropriation.

I will not participate in bypassing (spiritual or otherwise) and will not allow it in my communities.

I will call out, call in, or call forward my fellow white, cis-gender people when needed

I will respectfully represent a wide variety of people and cultures in my marketing and center people in the aforementioned communities.

I will pay people in the aforementioned communities for my education and services provided.

I will primarily learn from WOC (Women of Color), LGBTQIAP+, and/or people in the disabled community in my spiritual and business education.

I will create spaces that are fiercely safe for the aforementioned people in my communities.

I will amplify the voices and businesses of people in the aforementioned communities.

I will publicly keep a list of people in the aforementioned communities that I learn from or consider colleagues and direct people to them as often as possible.

I will only participate in events, panels, or be a guest speaker in spaces that are truly inclusive

I will provide scholarships, “pay what you can”, or free services for people in the aforementioned communities, especially those who are spiritual leaders, business-owners, or activists.

I will continue to learn about and act on ways I can support systemic change to dismantle oppressive systems in our government and society.