Hello! I’m Marieke (muh-RYE-kuh)! I am joy. I am a spiritual being. I am a fat, pansexual woman, a partner in life with my wonderful husband, an unschooling mother, and an entrepreneur.

I’ve always been a singer and used my voice for healing. I started singing publicly at age three and eventually went on to study classical music and teach singing to others. I loved helping people tap into their voice and hear it become the best it could be.

Like so many others, I had a difficult childhood that included abuse and trauma. My inner voice and self expression were often shut down and suppressed. Over the years, I began to reconnect with my inner voice and heal the Voice Wound on multiple levels, but based in spiritual practices. Becoming a mother increased that exponentially as I tapped into my intuition even more. I began to see how others were affected by the Voice Wound and decided to start on the path towards sharing my gifts of healing with others instead of focusing on the academic side of singing. This led me to become a certified Reiki practitioner and I am now finishing up certification in Soul Mastery Akashic Record Consultation in order to dive deeper into healing Voice Wounds at a soul level.

My passion for healing the Voice Wound is holistic and empowering. I believe everyone has the power to heal themselves, but healers exist because sometimes we need a helping hand to guide us. We are not meant to walk this journey on earth alone, but to connect with people along the way!

I’m here to help people find joy, freedom, and community by connecting with their inner voice and spirituality so they can be their authentic selves to the fullest.

[For speaking inquiries, email hello@mariekeschwartz.com and download my media kit here: Marieke Schwartz Media Kit]

Close up of Marieke’s hands holding an amethyst geode. Photo by BKM Photography Los Angeles

My Anti-Racism and Social Justice Commitments:

As a cis-gender white woman and acknowledging my various levels of privilege I commit to the following:

I will constantly do inner work to dismantle my own racism, white supremacy, colonization, ableism, fatphobia, homophobia, and genderism.

I will listen to BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color), LGBTQIAP+, and people in the disabled community.

I will humbly make changes if I am called out, in or forward by people in the aforementioned communities.

I will not delete the emotional work of people in the aforementioned communities, no matter how it makes me look.

I will not participate in cultural appropriation.

I will not participate in bypassing (spiritual or otherwise) and will not allow it in my communities.

I will call out, call in, or call forward my fellow white, cis-gender people when needed

I will respectfully represent a wide variety of people and cultures in my marketing and center people in the aforementioned communities.

I will pay people in the aforementioned communities for my education and services provided.

I will primarily learn from WOC (Women of Color), LGBTQIAP+, and/or people in the disabled community in my spiritual and business education.

I will create spaces that are fiercely safe (as possible) for the aforementioned people in my communities.

I will amplify the voices and businesses of people in the aforementioned communities.

I will publicly keep a list of people in the aforementioned communities that I learn from or consider colleagues and direct people to them as often as possible.

I will only participate in events, panels, or be a guest speaker in spaces that are truly inclusive

I will provide scholarships, “pay what you can”, or free services for people in the aforementioned communities, especially those who are spiritual leaders, business-owners, or activists.

I will continue to learn about and act on ways I can support systemic change to dismantle oppressive systems in our government and society.

Close up of Marieke’s face, wearing glasses, facing right and smiling. Photo by BKM Photography Los Angeles

Qualifications and other info about me:

  • Bachelor of Music in Classical Vocal Performance, San Francisco State University (May 2011)
  • 7 years experience as a voice teacher (Classical, Musical Theater, Pop)
  • Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, Level 2 (April 2018)
  • Certified Soul Mastery™ Akashic Record Consultant (August 2018)
  • Singer my entire life (my first performance at church was at age 3)
  • Active Member of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), a Druid Fellowship, and Raven’s Cry Grove (local ADF grove), on the path to become a Dedicant
  • Tarot and Oracle card reader since 2017
  • Enneagram 2 wing 1
  • Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, Aries Rising, Mars in Leo, Gemini in the 3rd House
  • Homeschooled 5th-12th grade, and now unschooling my child


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