Akashic Records FAQ

Journeying in the Akashic Records with Marieke

No two readers are the same and no two readings are going to go the same way. I’d like to answer some common questions so you have a better idea of what to expect in a reading, and more specifically, a reading with me. Ultimately, an Akashic Record reading is something you have to experience to fully understand!

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the space that holds all spiritual knowledge. Every religion or spiritual belief system has something that correlates to the concept of the Akashic Records. For some it might be called Spirit, prana, the Book of Life, etc. My teacher, Satwinder Isser, taught me that it is the 5th element, the “Akasha”, from the Vedic elements. It is the space between all things where information is held – the 5th dimension that research on quantum physics is just beginning to explain. Within the records, readers often see at the records as books that hold the information for each soul. Every wound, every experience, every characteristic, and every soul contract, vow, or tie contributing to negative patterns in your life is available to discover (or re-discover) within your personal records.

What is your training and experience?

I am a certified Soul Mastery Akashic Records Consultant

Soul Mastery is a 3-month course taught my Satwinder Simone Isser that includes in-depth teachings of many different healing modalities available within the records.

I am also a trained Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, taught by Siri Baruc Thornton

Before reading the Akashic Records, the initial awakening of my spiritual gifts (primarily clairsentience and claircognizance) happened when I was around 18 years old and identified as Christian. My spiritual expansion began in early 2017 and later in the year I began to hone my spiritual and intuitive gifts using oracle and tarot cards.

Can anyone access my records?

No, every soul’s personal record is spiritually protected from others to prevent access. You must give permission for someone else to access your records. This is why I ask for your legal name and date of birth so I ensure I’m accessing only your records.

How do you open my records?

I enter the space of the Akashic Records and say an invocation prayer. I then see your book and ask for it to be opened.

What happens in a reading?

I open a reading with a meditation that includes visualization to help you feel grounded and focused during the session. Then I say the invocation prayer and ensure I have opened your book by double checking that your name and date of birth are on it. I typically get an opening message or image and I share that with you. I then ask your questions, ask for healing, or ask about any negative patterns you think may be connected to anything going on at a soul level, such as contracts (pre-birth agreements with yourself or others), vows (present life vows said during times of extreme emotion), energetic cords and hooks (unhealthy energetic connections to others), or energetic drains (plugs in your energetic field that prevent the free flow of energy).

Do I have to believe certain things to get an Akashic reading?

No! Your beliefs are yours and as long as you are open to spiritual guidance, you do not need to believe anything specific. I will always respect your beliefs and will not force anything upon you. The records will typically share information with me that aligns with your beliefs. You are always welcome to share your particular religion or belief system with me ahead of time so I can ensure an experience in the records that makes you feel comfortable and safe.

What kind of questions are best to ask?

Essentially, the best questions to ask are questions that begin with “How”, “What”, or “Why”. In other words, not yes/no questions. The records are also typically vague regarding specific timelines since there are always a multitude of possibilities available at every moment.

Examples of good questions to ask are:

This is a pattern in my life…

  • …How can I change this?
  • …What is the root cause?
  • …What can I do about this situation?
  • …How can I heal this wound?
  • …What can I do to support my healing?

Examples of what not to ask:

  • Yes/no questions – sometimes they will give an answer depending on context, but often not.
  • Timeline questions – there are too many variable paths to have a clear answer on this
  • Questions that require access to another person’s records. For example, if you ask the question “why is this person acting this way?” I won’t be able to answer specifically, but I can give guidance as to how to handle your own emotions, protect energy, receive healing and clear soul contracts and vows, and actions you can take for your own highest good.
  • Questions related to a medical condition or whether or not you should take a certain medication. I am not a medical doctor, so I cannot provide guidance in this way. However, I can provide energetic and spiritual healing complimentary to your medical journey, and ask if there are any spiritual root causes. I cannot guarantee a physical manifestation of spiritual healing.
  • Questions related to gestation/unborn babies. Your baby has their own soul which is still transitioning from the spiritual realms to Earth, so I’m unable to access their records. I can however answer questions related to supporting your pregnancy in a healthy spiritual manner and your own experience of pregnancy.

What if I can’t figure out a question to ask about an issue in my life?

If you have an issue and you’re not sure what to ask, you are welcome to share what’s going on and I can help you formulate a question. Sometimes just talking about it will reveal what you want to ask.

What are your specific strengths in your readings?

I provide a very safe and loving space for my clients. I often hear this as feedback and I am so honored to provide that space.

I tend to draw clients who have spiritual businesses of their own, or desire to find healing as they forge their own path in the world.

Healing is one of my passions, and providing a healing within the Akashic Records is one of my favorite things to do because these sessions are so powerful.

I also take great care to honor those who have life experiences that are vastly different than mine, including People of Color (especially Black and Indigenous people), LGBTQIAP+ people, disabled people, and others. I will never attempt to spiritually bypass your experiences of oppression, but rather honor them as best I can. This includes referring to healers who have more similar life experience and can provide deeper healing in your areas of identity.