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I am so glad you’ve found my little corner of the internet. I am transitioning to a new site, but you can view my art and blog posts and explore to your heart’s content.

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From the Reiki check-in/healing, to the mouth exercises, to the vocalizations, to the correlations between frequency and chakra healing, to everything building up to finding a level of projection I did not know I had in me, Marieke made the freeing of my voice a fun and deeply inspiring session. I not only look forward to applying the tools she has taught me on a regular basis, but I look forward to conducting research on energy center healing through sound. I truly useful, delightful, and healing experience I deeply recommend for anyone seeking to make a greater impact through the unleashing of their voice. Five enthusiastic stars!!!!!

Roderick – Free Your Voice

I received a great Free Your Voice session with Marieke! She was very skillful and sensitive to my needs at every moment. I felt more connected to my breath, body and voice afterwards. 

K – Free Your Voice