People want to hear your voice. They want to see you express yourself unapologetically. Yet so many of us hold back from expressing our true selves because of fear, trauma, or insecurities.

Are you ready to heal your Voice Wound, let your voice be heard in the world, and unapologetically THRIVE?


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What is the Voice Wound?

The Voice Wound is the place where your pain suppresses your voice and holds you back from speaking your truth, sharing your mission, connecting with clients, or sharing your art with the world.

You may have a Voice Wound if you ever heard anything negative or were bullied about your voice?

“You can’t sing”
“Your voice sounds weird”
“You talk funny”
“Speak louder!”
“Be more clear”

Or maybe you weren’t allowed to express yourself the way you want to or were shut down.

“Stop talking so much”
“Get to the point”
“I don’t want to hear it”
“Just spit it out”
“Talk normally, please”

And now you’re finding yourself with something to share with the world – healing, art, an amazing product or service – and you’re not connecting with the people who need it.

Healing the wound around your voice will not only help YOU on your own journey, but it will open up the pathways to connecting with people who need what you offer!

I believe everyone has the capacity to heal those wounds and that every single voice matters.


My purpose as a healer is to be a guide as you heal your Voice Wound, and these offerings are how I do that:

  • Free Your Voice sessions – Physical work – a unique blend of voice teaching, energy healing, and intuitive work designed to free your physical and inner voice. No singing experience needed or required.
  • Akashic Free Your Voice Readings Deep Healing – dive deep into the swounds affecting your voice and find healing.
  • Immersive Free Your Voice coaching – A personalized program that includes regular sessions and support – contact me to sign up!


Pay What You Can Services are especially valuable for spiritual teachers, healers, and social justice workers and activists who are People of Color (especially Black and Indigenous people), or people in the LGBTQIAP+ or disabled communities!


I strongly believe that every person’s voice deserves to be heard, no matter what package it comes in. I desire to empower people, but especially those who have voices that are suppressed in our society. I cannot in good conscience do this work without uplifting and supporting other people groups because when we uplift the voices of those not always heard, then we all become free.


I didn’t really know what to expect in a free your voice session, but what I did know is that I have had trouble expressing myself, my voice sounds like a little kid (even though I’m in my 30s), and I wanted to change that.

Through a mix of singing and vocal lessons coupled with energy work I felt like the sessions made a real difference in helping me identify some trouble areas and work through them. I also really appreciated Marieke’s help in finding what my true voice sounds like (not like a kid) and do exercises that help me increase the resonance of my voice. While the sessions are hard to describe I think anyone who has a session will leave feeling relaxed and like they have gained some insight. I wholeheartedly recommend free your voice sessions.


Marieke’s unique approach to healing and freeing ones voice had me discover my true vocal range. I had always thought I couldn’t sing high but through her techniques I found out that I really could! I surprised myself with the notes I hit during our session. Marieke was skilled in giving me direction in how to align my “instrument” (body) and effortlessly unblocked my fears around singing higher. The mini-reiki session she performed was deeply relaxing and she made me feel comfortable and at home. I now have a greater awareness around my voice and vocal range as well as an expanded view about what’s possible for me vocally. I thoroughly enjoyed our session together.