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My purpose is to help people connect with their inner voice and spirituality so that they are empowered to use their unique gifts to foster support and community. Everything I do is centered around that.

I believe every person’s voice matters and the world needs their unique gifts! In order to empower you to use your voice, I am building a business that offers a few different services that will ignite you to take care of yourself so you are able to show up fully in the world, tap into your physical and inner voices, and allow universal healing energy to flow.

​Services include:

  • ​​Self Care Journey – a low-cost monthly program to encourage and equip you to create sustainable self care habits (launching early May)
  • Free Your Voice sessions – a unique blend of voice teaching, energy healing, and intuitive work designed to free your physical and inner voice. No singing experience needed or required.
  • Intuitive Guidance – spiritual and intuitive guidance for 1-4 questions (non-medical/timeline related) depending on the length of the session.
  • Reiki Healing – light touch healing sessions that channel universal healing energy to help clear and balance your energy fields (coming early May).


Coming Soon…. Scholarship program for People of Color, LGBTQIA+, differently-abled, and body-positive activists and spiritual leaders! I will offer discounted services to people in marginalized groups and funds from the scholarship program will make up the difference to that activists and spiritual leaders who put out extra emotional labor are able to get the self care they need FREE!

I strongly believe that every person’s voice deserves to be heard, no matter what package it comes in. I desire to empower people, but especially those who are marginalized and oppressed in our society. I cannot in good conscience do this work without uplifting and supporting other people groups because when we uplift the marginalized and fringe groups of people, then we all become free.

I did a Free Your Voice session with Marieke Schwartz, and it was fun and helpful. I want to rock karaoke, so [Marieke] helped me ground my breathing in the root chakra and use the solar plexus chakra to strengthen not only my singing voice but my speaking voice. She also talked with me about how I could sing from my heart and pulled an angel card for me at the end. I love how unique this session is.

~ N