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I am passionate about connection. Connecting to ourselves, the divine, others, the earth, and the cosmos. I like to learn new things to help me make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. But at the core of this is love, for love is connection. When we embody true love for others, we don’t just have lovey-dovey feelings. We CONNECT with them in some way or another. It can be as simple (or not so simple) as truly SEEING someone – their pain, their struggle, their triumphs, their joy – or as intricate as committing your life to loving that person. It can mean fiercely protecting the people you care about, or the groups of people you care about.

I believe that being able to love outwardly, starts with loving inwardly. To love ourselves and give ourselves the care we need and desire, is to fill ourselves up so we can overflow that love towards others.

Many of us in Western cultures, especially if you have children, are a care provider in some capacity, or run a service-based business, are ingrained with the idea that we must sacrifice ourselves and our wellbeing in order to be “successful”. But all this does is wear us out and drain us so that we aren’t able to show up as our full, most powerful selves. Our voices get stuck deep down within us, shut down by our life situations, our egos, and oppressive societal systems.

What if radical self care leads to radical love of others? What if radical self care is the key to setting your voice free? What if is the key to setting EVERYONE free?

I am here for the people who want to be free. Who want to speak freely, love deeply, and be a part of community.


​Services include:

  • ​​Balm for Your Soul – a low-cost monthly program to encourage and equip you to create sustainable self care habits (launch starting soon)
  • Free Your Voice sessions – a unique blend of voice teaching, energy healing, and intuitive work designed to free your physical and inner voice. No singing experience needed or required.
  • Intuitive Guidance – spiritual and intuitive guidance for 1-4 questions (non-medical/timeline related) depending on the length of the session.
  • Reiki Healing – light touch healing sessions that channel universal healing energy to help clear and balance your energy fields .


Coming Soon…. Scholarship program for spiritual teachers, healers, and social justice workers and activists who are People of Color, Indigenous, or people in the LGBTQIAP+ or disabled communities! There will be two parts to the program. The first part is that I will offer discounted or pay-what-you-can services to those who qualify. Secondly, funds from a special scholarship fund will be available to make up the difference. This way the activists, healers, and spiritual leaders who put out extra emotional labor are able to get the self care they need FREE!


I strongly believe that every person’s voice deserves to be heard, no matter what package it comes in. I desire to empower people, but especially those who are marginalized and oppressed in our society. I cannot in good conscience do this work without uplifting and supporting other people groups because when we uplift the marginalized and fringe groups of people, then we all become free.


Marieke did a mini reading for me. Her interpretation of the cards was immensely helpful and gave me peace and direction while I wait for an answer from someone else. I love that she connects with Holy Spirit for her intuitive guidance ❤


I did a Free Your Voice session with Marieke Schwartz, and it was fun and helpful. I want to rock karaoke, so [Marieke] helped me ground my breathing in the root chakra and use the solar plexus chakra to strengthen not only my singing voice but my speaking voice. She also talked with me about how I could sing from my heart and pulled an angel card for me at the end. I love how unique this session is.

~ N