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Your Empowered Voice – Liberate

Today is the third in a four part series where we’re talking about the 4 Elements of Your Empowered Voice. Click here to read the first part on Grounded Stability and here to read the second part on Explored Awareness.

Liberation is the element of Expansion for an Empowered Voice

Liberation is the element of expansion for an Empowered Voice

Here’s where things get REALLY fun!

All things have polarity and where the energy of Grounded Stability is downward and most often inward energy, or quiet energy, Liberated Expansion is the upward, excited, outward energy. This is where you get to liberate your voice in a way that impacts others…where you experience freedom!

My background is in classical vocal performance. In voice lessons, I would work on singing skills, do vocal exercises, and work through the whole song to create the muscle memory required to be able to technically perform a song. I would even practice as if I were on stage. But when I actually got on stage and sang in front of people, the energy was completely different. On stage it wasn’t for just me anymore, it was for connection. There was a relationship between my storytelling and music, and the reception of the audience. Rather than just feeling the music in my body and immersing myself in the story, my art expanded to include others. My voice was liberated into the world.

The same energy happens no matter what your “stage” is. It could be your art on display, your book on a shelf, an intimate conversation, an online presence, a small workshop, or a stage in an huge auditorium or theater. No matter your method of sharing your voice, you’re not just expressing yourself – your voice is being liberated into the world. It’s exhilarating, and can also be scary as shit.

Sometimes the safety of the practice room, office, and the arbitrary rules created by others can be enticing and cozy. We can feel the boundaries and the edges holding us in. But it is also a cage; the bars made up of the limiting beliefs, programming, society, and unhealed voice wounds inflicted upon us in childhood and beyond. Those arbitrary boundaries end up stifling our voice. The literal vibrations of our physical voice get dampened and absorbed by the walls close around us, and the same thing happens energetically. When we hold ourselves back, our voices are diminished and can’t have the impact they could have when liberated into the world.

When you have created a grounded and stable foundation and have discovered the depth and range of your voice, there’s a confidence that comes with it when you put yourself out there. You’ve done the foundational work and now you get to expand the reach of your voice, with confidence in yourself and who you are. This is ultimately a healing process as well, because while this element is about freedom, freedom comes with sacrifice. Some people are not going to like seeing you go beyond what they’re used to. Some people won’t understand your need to let yourself be seen. It’s vulnerable. There will be times where breaking down those cage bars is going to take you into your ego and your shadow so you can get to a deeper place of healing. Every single bar you remove is part of your healing process.

Doing this work also doesn’t mean you necessarily go from zero to sixty in 2 seconds. You can take it as slow or as fast you need to or want to. The first steps can look like choosing to speak up for yourself in a particular relationship, or start to share more of your dreams with friends. Or if you’re further along on your journey, it can be big, like pursuing speaking engagements or doing local workshops. The more you practice liberating your voice and expanding yourself, the more easy it becomes! So start where you are and continue to expand!

So tell me, where are you in your journey of liberating your voice? What are your next steps?

I am here to support you as you liberate your voice, heal the voice wound, and make your impact on the world. Contact me or schedule a call if you’d like to work together!

2 thoughts on “Your Empowered Voice – Liberate”

  1. I need to liberate my voice! Im always so shy and quite…even when I have something that could possibly benefit the conversation. If I was more confident in my voice and that what I have to say is valuable and important.. I dont think Id be so afraid to get out there and tell my story!

    1. Yes! The world needs your confident voice and to hear your story. It starts with healing the “voice wounds” – the old stories and internalized voices of others – to rediscover your true self so you can be confident in who you are 💜

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