Your Empowered Voice

Your Empowered Voice

I’ve always loved being in the limelight to some degree or another, but I grew up with the idea that it was selfish or prideful (and pride comes before the fall…). But there’s a difference between CONFIDENTLY showing up with your gifts and passion, and being an ass about it.

Recently, I had a realization that I truly DESIRE to be KNOWN as someone who makes an impact in the world. To be known for the work I do and the things I create. You might be thinking…um…you’re a business owner…of course! But while I had some vague ideas in my head and vague feelings in my heart, this desire wasn’t truly and fully in my body until that moment. And I feel so much freedom in that!

It’s also perfectly in alignment with this announcement…

Free Your Voice” is now:


Image Description: Logo with text “Marieke Schwartz – Your Empowered Voice – Connected to Self, Confidently Expressed”

Freeing your voice is really just ONE PART of having an empowered voice. And it was kinda hard to explain, to be honest. This new name speaks so much more to the fullness of the work I do with people. 

Along with this, I’ve changed up the names for my services as well:

*Empowered Voice Sessions* (formerly Free Your Voice sessions) are designed to release the expression of your inner voice through your physical voice, using a unique blend of voice teaching, energy healing, and intuitive work.

*Soul Sessions* are soul-level healings, where we dive into healing the Voice Wounds affecting your confidence and the self expression of your inner voice. You also receive guidance to move forward.

*Your Empowered Voice Program* is The Whole Package – A personalized program that includes Empowered Voice Sessions, Soul Healing sessions, and customized support. You will end this program with a strong foundation built on the four elements of an Empowered Voice: Grounded Stability, Explored Awareness, Liberated Expansion, and Balanced Embodiment.

The core of my work is the same, but this new clarity has deepened how I can work with you and I am so excited to share this with you all!

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting in more detail about each of the four elements and how they impact your connection to self and how confidently you express your voice in the world.

Image Text: The 4 Elements of Your Empowered Voice: Grounded Stability, Explored Awareness, Liberated Expansion, Balanced Embodiment

Want to start working together? Send me a message or schedule a call and let’s connect! I have openings starting late July.

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