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All my Services are *Trade or Pay What You Can*!
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Energy Healing during a Free Your Voice session | Photo:

Free Your Voice sessions are a blend of voice teaching techniques, energy healing, and intuitive work designed to empower you to express your physical and inner voice as powerfully as possible.

Inexperienced singers and non-professional voice users are welcome!

If you desire to be empowered to show up in the world more authentically and more fully, then this is for you. Each session is designed to equip you to meet your personal needs and goals. Some sessions may have a stronger energy healing focus, and others may focus more on body work. There are four main elements to the voice work: Grounding, Discovering, Freeing, and Balancing your voice.

Want a little taste of what a session is like? Here are a couple videos with examples of Grounding and Discovery exercises you can use right away!

Sessions are conducted in person in Burbank, CA or online via Zoom (you’ll be able to download a copy of the session for future reference).

On-site childcare may be available for in-person sessions – please make a note when you book your session if you’d like childcare.



Akashic Record readings with me are deeply healing and affirmative of your soul level truth. The Akashic Records are where universal knowledge is held. Each person’s soul has a record (you can think of it like a book) that can only be opened with the person’s consent. An Akashic Record reading allows a person to receive clear and concise guidance, information, and learn soul-level truths. Individual Akashic records also hold information about soul vows, contracts, ties/cords, and anything else that may be holding your back. In addition, healing can take place through the records as well. On the journey of Freeing Your Voice, Akashic Record readings are very a powerful tool!


Deep Breathing
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This coaching program is focused on healing your voice wounds and guiding you through all the elements of freeing your voice, including healing work, voice work, and akashic record sessions to help you dig deep and fully embody what you learn through practice.

I’m ready to work with people who are passionate about sharing their purpose and calling with the world. My ideal clients are 100% committed to freeing their voice, and willing to do regular work to be empowered to heal their voices physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

These customizable Free Your Voice Coaching 3-month packages are available starting in January 7th, and will be limited to 5-8 people.

  • Akashic Sessions focused on freeing your voice by clearing anything holding you back, healing any voice-related wounds, and more
  • Free Your Voice sessions (energy healing/balancing and energetic voice work) customized to your goals and vocal needs
  • Ongoing access to me for support

This program is available on a sliding scale, starting at $100/month for 2 sessions a month, including flexible payment plans.



Intuitive Guidance readings with me are affirmative and encouraging. In my sessions, I connect with the Holy Spirit to share guidance from the Divine/the Universe to help you move positively towards what you desire. Sometimes this may include cautions, but I do not believe that intuitive readings should ever be “negative” because the Divine wants to give support, not feed our egos with fear.

A few things I am not: I am not a fortune teller, so I cannot tell you the exact date/time something will occur or a specific timeline. I cannot tell you that a specific event absolutely will happen. There are too many variables and people have free will. I would seriously doubt anyone who tells you otherwise. I am not a medium, so I do not communicate with people who have passed on. I am not a medical intuitive, so I cannot advise directly on medical or pregnancy-related questions.

A few things I am: I do this work because I am a lover of people. I am non-judgmental. I am spiritually intuitive. I am Clairsentient (clear feeling), Claircognizant (clear knowing), Clairvoyant (clear seeing), and Clairaudient (clear hearing). Those with a Christian background like me will know these things as crossovers within the spiritual gifts of knowledge, prophecy, visions, and hearing the voice of God. Most of the time, I will receive guidance primarily through feeling and knowing. I will often use oracle or Tarot cards as tools to gain greater insight. I am always open to questions and feedback during readings!

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All Services are Pay What You Can or Trade!

TRADE: If you’d like to set up a trade arrangement, please email me at with what you’re interested in trading (services, products, etc). 

PWYC: If you are not able to afford my full rates, simply send your payment via the options below before your appointment. You can also do a payment plan on an honor basis. If you’re able to pay more, it will help subsidize lower-paying PWYC services and enable me to continue operating with this model.

Venmo: @MariekeS

NOTE: My actual costs per 45-min session are a minimum of $27 (based on 8 clients per week, not including the 2.9% + $.30 fee for paying via Paypal “Goods and Services”).


I actively support reparations owed to Black and Indigenous People of Color. If you are Black or Indigenous, please feel free to schedule an appointment at no cost, no questions asked.

I previously had a scholarship program for the benefit of people groups whose voices are not always heard by society at large, especially People of Color and LGBTQIAP+ communities. If you identify as such and resonate with my work, please do not hesitate to take advantage of my Pay What You Can model. Your voice deserves to be supported!

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