Individual Sessions

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Energy Healing during an Empowered Voice session | Photo:

Empowered Voice Sessions are a blend of voice teaching techniques, energy healing, and intuitive work designed to empower you to express your physical and inner voice as powerfully as possible.

Inexperienced singers and non-professional voice users are welcome!

If you desire to be empowered to show up in the world more authentically and more fully, then this is for you. Each session is designed to equip you to meet your personal needs and goals. Some sessions may have a stronger energy healing focus, and others may focus more on body work. There are four main elements to the voice work: Grounding, Discovering, Freeing, and Balancing your voice.

Want a little taste of what a session is like? Here are a couple videos with examples of Grounding and Discovery exercises you can use right away! You can also read more details on this blog post.

Sessions are conducted in person in Burbank, CA or online via Zoom (you’ll be able to download a copy of the session for future reference).

On-site childcare may be available for in-person sessions – please make a note when you book your session if you’d like childcare.



Soul Sessions with me are deeply healing and affirmative of your soul level truth.

Soul Sessions take place in the Akashic Records, where universal knowledge is held. Each person’s soul has a record (you can think of it like a book) that contains all the information of who you are and the future possibilities of your life. A Soul Session allows a person to receive clear and concise guidance, information, and learn soul-level truths. Individual Akashic records also hold information about soul vows, contracts, ties/cords, and anything else that may be holding your back. In addition, deep healing can take place through the records as well. On the journey of discovering Your Empowered Voice, Soul Sessions are a powerful tool to heal the Voice Wound and find confidence in yourself!

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To schedule, email me by clicking above!