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Online: Free Your Voice Summer Series

June 17 at 11am: Identifying and Healing Voice Wounds
Gain understanding of different types of voice wounds and how they can show up in your life. You will learn corresponding ways of (re)connecting to your inner voice and paths for healing.

August 19 at 11amFree Your Voice Basics
This class will guide you to understand your voice wounds, bring you to a deeper place of healing, and give you tools to help you

September at 16 11am: Managing Stress
Using vocal exercises to discover and process emotions, become centered in your body and energy, and allow greater capacity for healing processes.

BONUS – July 22nd at 11am: Finding Your Voice Through Ancestry
FREE for all BIPOC
BONUS for those who purchase a workshop pass.
An exploration of what it means to deepen your sense of identity through discovery and connection to ancestors.
NOTE: In “Finding Your Voice Through Ancestry”, I want to be clear that I will share my own journey of reconnection to my ancestors, and therefore this workshop will focus on connection to European ancestry (since that is in my wheelhouse and in my lane), and exploring what it means to honor the lands you live on when they are not indigenous to you. ALL are welcome to participate, and Black, Brown, and Indigenous people who attend will be centered and protected to the best of my abilities.

Recordings will be available.
Questions can be submitted ahead of time.

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$50 Individual Workshop
$25 Finding Your Voice Through Ancestry

$150 4-Workshop Pass
(Includes FREE Ancestry Workshop)

Limited Reparations and Discounted Spots Available for BIPOC only
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Workshops will take place on Zoom, a free video conferencing app (available for computer and mobile device).

This workshop series is designed to walk you through identifying and healing your Voice Wounds, so you are equipped to communicate and live out your purpose in the world with confidence and clarity!

The Voice Wound is the place where your pain suppresses your voice and holds you back from confidently speaking your truth, sharing your mission, connecting with clients, or sharing your gifts with the world.

The world needs YOUR Voice. No one can express themselves the way you can. No one else has your exact energy, your vocal timbre, nor your qualities (vocal and otherwise). The callings on your heart are there for a reason and I would love to see your heart-centered and confident self-expression flourish as you Free Your Voice!

I look forward to seeing you in the workshops!


PS: These workshops may not be offered LIVE again. You will get to have your questions answered and I will personally work with as many people as I’m able to during the workshops.