Soul Mastery + Free Your Voice

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The Soul Mastery course changed my life and helped me become a better healer and spiritual entrepreneur. I had a new business just starting out and had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but didn’t have the full vision of what was possible. I knew I wanted to work in the Akashic Records and everything I heard about Satwinder and the Soul Mastery course just felt RIGHT.
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Satwinder is a lineage holder and really understands the Akasha and Akashic records in a way many Westerners do not. The knowledge is in her bones!

Throughout the Soul Mastery course, I received so much healing, knowledge, and clarity, in addition to the Akashic Record and healing skills I learned. My work is now much more powerful and holistic than when I started out!
This year, the course is even more expansive and comprehensive than when I took it! It includes training in:

* Coaching
* Business
* Social Consciousness
* Akashic Records

Soul Mastery is truly a FULL package for people who want to be healers, coaches, and spiritual entrepreneurs. And in signing up through me, you’ll get even MORE support and skills that will give you confidence in your voice through all mediums of communication.
Free Your Voice BONUSES:
* TWO 1:1 Free Your Voice sessions to give you more confidence and help you maintain vocal health as you promote your business, work with clients, and work towards any other self-expression goals. ($300 value)

* 1-Year Pass to Free Your Voice Workshops ($200+ value)

That’s $500+ in services to round out your skills and heal your Voice Wound so your healing, skills, and confidence lead to SUCCESS!
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Have Questions? Email me and I’m happy to chat and share more about my experience! I am here to support you through your training.