Sing It Easy

Easeful ways to use your voice for self care, energy maintenance, and boundaries.

There are times when it feels like the world is burning and you’re flailing. Your energy is drained, there are multiple demands on your energy, your time, and you’re in survival mode.

This program is about empowering yourself to support your own needs so you can go from surviving to thriving.

Your voice is a powerful tool, one that lives within your body and energy field, and it can be used to find the empowerment you need to care for yourself, your energy, and express the boundaries you need to do those things.

During this program you will first and foremost be supported. It is meant to be experienced with EASE.

You will also learn simple, easy vocal practices that can be used anytime to help you:

  • Calm your nervous system
  • Recenter yourself
  • Release pent up energy and emotions
  • Activate energy

And you’ll learn how to become conscious of your boundaries and express them clearly when needed.

Sing It Easy is designed to support you to a point where you feel like you’re thriving and have the tools to face whatever comes, to be able to know yourself, and stand up for yourself. 

I will be supporting you through the end of the year, guiding you to know what you need in order to thrive, and how to use your voice with ease for self care and more.

If you desire more ease, more strength, and more time for YOU, then join me and Sing It Easy, starting Nov 16th.

✨ Weekly Group Coaching

✨ Energy Healing

✨ Practical Tools to support you

✨ Support from fellow members

✨ Discounts on 1:1 work