Self Care Journey


Many people think of self-care as spa treatments or pampering – mani/pedis, massages, fancy shaves at a hipster barber – or a friends’ night out and weekend getaways.

While those things can be an important part of self-care routines, they aren’t enough to sustain you in the day to day. Taking care of yourself is key to your well-being and sanity – especially if you care for others as a parent or caretaker.

How does it work?
During this FREE 6-week journey, you will be guided towards sustainable steps, both big and small, that you can take to enhance your well-being in the areas of:
*Relationships & Community*

No matter how busy you are, if you desire to take care of YOU, this is the right place!

Each person will choose ONE area to focus on throughout the challenge, so you can establish it as a daily/weekly practice. It can be five minutes a day, or 50 minutes a day. You choose what works best for you and your situation!

This journey is six weeks long to allow space for you to establish sustainable habits and start you on the path towards greater well-being so you can bring the best of who you are to the world!

You will receive a weekly email covering that week’s theme, as well as weekly live videos and daily support in the Facebook group.

What do I get?

1) Self-Care Guide PDF: For use during the six-week journey and beyond
2) Weekly Email with information on that week’s theme
3) Weekly theme Facebook Live videos where you can ask questions and get support
4) Facebook group for support and additional resources during the journey and beyond
5) Self-care practices that can change your life!

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