This scholarship program is all about CONNECTION: to connect people who desire my services but don’t have the funds, with people who share my values and want to support people from marginalized communities.

For those who have need, I offer a sliding scale of up to 50% off current services. When scholarship funds are available (kept in a separate Paypal account), those funds will pay for no more than 50% of my fees – meaning donors’ funds are matched by me to get double the value!

To donate funds, you can use the button below, or to get the full value of your donation, you can send funds directly via PayPal (Friends and Family) to

Scholarship Donation Link.png

If you would like to apply for discounted services or a full scholarship, you can apply by emailing me at (direct application link coming soon).

This scholarship is designed for up and coming spiritual leaders and teachers, creatives, and thought leaders who identify as members of a marginalized group such as People of Color, LGBTQIAP+, disabled, or neurodivergent.

My purpose in offering this discount/scholarship program is so that I can leverage my privilege to empower others to liberate their voices and be able to receive self care as they serve others. And so others with privilege can partner with me in this endeavor. When we share our resources and our privilege, we get free!