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Socially Conscious Business and Resource Referral list

This is a continually growing list of businesses and resources primarily owned or provided by People of Color (POC), LGBTQIAP+, and other marginalized communities that have helped me grow as a person, a business, and in my inner and outer social justice work.

NOTE: Bullet points indicate memberships, products, trainings, or services I have purchased. Preferred pronouns are noted if known to me.

My Spiritual Training:

Siri Baruc Thornton at

  • Reiki Degrees 1 and 2

Satwinder Simone Isser (She/Her) at 

  • Akashic Records (Training complete, Certification in Progress)


Spiritual Guidance and Business Mentoring:

Shakisha Reynolds and Laureen Mally at

  • (Member: Remember)

Simran N’golet at 

  • Soul Empowerment Reading
  • Member Soul Warrior Academy (via Patreon)

Desiree Garcia at Babepreneurs (business mentoring)

  • Won free coaching package


My Social Justice and Inclusivity Teachers:

Catrice M. Jackson at

  • Book: Antagonists, Advocates, and Allies
  • Book: White Spaces Missing Faces
  • Member: Social Consciousness Women’s Collective
  • SHEtalks WEtalk with Layla Saad

Desiree Adaway at

  • SisterSummer writing program

Mason Aid at (They/Them)

  • LGBTQ Website Audit (planned)


Additional Spiritual Leaders from marginalized groups that I follow or have paid for education:

Layla Saad at

  • SHEtalksWEtalk with Catrice M. Jackson
  • Support on Patreon

Bernard Charles at

Alexis Morgan at

Ariana Felix at (Astrology)

Pilar Mejía – I Heal Myself to Heal the World


Additional Business Leaders and Coaches from marginalized groups that I follow or have paid for education:

Loreal Moss (She/her) – Lifestyle Strategist

Nicole Amos (She/her) – The Career Oasis


Other Businesses:

Natalie Arianne Baack (She/her) – Body/fat positive life and wellness coaching


Resources and services: Stock Photography with diverse representation.

My Photo Collections on Unsplash Free stock photo collections with a focus on diversity, spirituality, joy, freedom, expression, and music.