Your Empowered Voice Foundations Course


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Four Modules that include:

  • Video training for each element of Your Empowered Voice
  • Worksheets
  • Reference sheets
  • Spiritual and energetic practices
  • Physical and vocal practices

The Four Elements

Grounded Stability
Tapping into Your Empowered Voice starts with creating a foundation within yourself that is deeply rooted in your inner voice and true Self, and the earth and the cycles of nature.

In this module, you’ll learn techniques to help you ground yourself spiritually, energetically, and physically using visualization and breathing techniques. You’ll also learn the basics of Shadow work and how to use this deep work to connect deeply to your self and your true inner voice.

Discovered Awareness
As you build a grounded and stable foundation, you’re able to then start to explore new things while still remaining tethered to who you are. This allows you grace as you look at the different pieces of yourself and discover what lies in the shadows that can be integrated and released. Is that characteristic or identity that you’ve always thought was true *actually* true?

By questioning things as you’re ready, you may discover new parts of yourself, new aspects of your voice, and new ways of being that you didn’t know existed. You will also discover ways to dive more deeply into the aspects of you that *are* true to your being, at least at this moment in time. When you’ve questioned, and still come up with the same awareness, you have a stronger sense of who you are.

In this module, you’ll learn practices to help you question and discover your inner voice, and physical exercises that will help you play with your voice and discover capabilities you may not have known existed.

Liberated Expansion
This is where things really get fun! Building upon the last two elements, liberated expansion is where you get to let your Self shine! This element is where you set your voice free in the world with stability in who you are and confidence in what you want to express.

In this module, you’ll learn how to incorporate what you’ve learned in the last two modules into how you express yourself, and learn to practice liberated self expression. You’ll learn practices to help you hone in on your purpose based on what you’ve discovered about yourself, and vocal practices that will help prepare you to speak your truth confidently and with physical strength and centeredness.

Balanced Embodiment
Finally, comes the balance of freedom and boundaries. As you embody the lessons you learn along the way, and as you play around with expanding the edges of your comfort zone, you’ll find where you need to hold boundaries for yourself, in relationship with others, and in your work in the world.

In this module, you’ll learn how to embody your newfound freedom in a way that is focused where you want to expand, and learn to prevent yourself from becoming spread too thin. You’ll learn how to identify the spaces where you are your best and most aligned self, with the knowledge that things may change and shift as you grow and expand. And you’ll learn where your physical voice is “happiest” and most efficient.

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