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Are you ready to reach a new level of empowerment with YOUR voice?
The Empower Your Voice program is designed to help you become confident in yourself and get connected to your passions so you can live your life out loud in the way that works for YOU.
* 8 weeks of Spiritual, Energetic, and Physical integration guidance through video trainings
* Meditations for each module
* Workbooks to guide you deeper
* Vocal Exercises to assist with each step
* Deep support and community
* Weekly Q&A sessions (4 Live on Zoom, and 4 Coaching Threads) so you can experience deeper healing, get your questions answered, and receive spot coaching
* A group for community support and additional support from Marieke
The Four Core Elements of Your Empowered Voice are:
1) Grounded Stability
2) Explored Awareness
3) Liberated Expansion
4) Balanced Embodiment
In each module we’ll go in depth in to each Element and what it means spiritually, energetically, and physically (because it’s all connected!), with practical tools to guide you along the way.

  • One 1:1 session ($497 value)
  • 1:1 Voxer Support throughout the course ($497 value)
  • V3 Workshop ($197 value)

Plus discounts on additional 1:1 services.

Early Bird special: $100 off before 12/24/2020

Session starts 01/4/2021


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