Mutual Aid

One of my core values is mutual aid, especially at the intersections of racial, social, and economic justice. This page will periodically be updated with needs that I become aware of in my community and serves as a central location for key details.

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May 2022 – Housing Security for a Black MaGe* single mother:

*MaGe stands for “marginalized gender” which includes trans and nonbinary identities as well as women.
This family lives at multiple intersections of oppression, including queer identity, chronic illness, and neurodivergence, and are navigating systems that are working against them. It’s exhausting and they need space that they aren’t getting in their temporary living situation with me. It is making things difficult for their child both emotionally and at school. Personal space would also allow the mother to do work that they are currently unable to do. In order to secure a foundation that will allow them to thrive, they need their own space.

Immediate Needs:
* Studio/1-br in Los Angeles at $1200/mo or up to $1500 including utilities, ideally with a for-rent-by-owner landlord willing to work with them regarding proof of income (or someone willing to be a co-signer). Preferred areas are Echo Park (in Elysian Heights Arts Magnet school residential area), North Hollywood/Valley Village, or Long Beach.
* Moving Costs
* Bills
* Job in the following areas: Office Admin, Personal or Executive Assistant, Customer Service (not retail)

Fundraising Goal: $4000
* $3000 for first month’s rent plus deposit
* $400 bills (estimated)
* $800 additional moving costs/home items/cushion

Ways to contribute:
Leads: Email me with housing or job leads at or DM me on FB Messenger.

Direct Contributions/Reparations:
PayPal Crowdfunding Link:
(Note: I use this paypal account for fundraising only, so it is not mixed with my personal finances). Total is $1100
Venmo: @MariekeC (Put “MaGe Mom” in the comments)

Community, I am calling on you to help meet their needs! Please share in your circles, commit to fundraise a portion, and/or contribute what you can. No amount is too small.