Healing Justice

My core purpose on this earth is love and healing and I believe they go hand in hand. In order to love ourselves and others in the purest form, we must love from the places that are healed. And in order to heal ourselves and others, we must love ourselves and others.

To that end, racial justice is a MUST for healing. Most importantly for People of Color as they heal the generational trauma of oppression, slavery, and so on, but it is also important that white people heal ourselves of the role of oppressor and colonizer, and accept the fact that we live and breathe racism so that we can actually start to become anti-racist. ALL white people are born into an earthly system that puts us into these roles, regardless of whether we do so overtly, or in more subtle ways.

There are many ways to go through the process of becoming anti-racist and I’ll be adding some resources below.

To stay up to date on reparations efforts and be alerted to urgent needs, please sign up here. This is a separate list and you will NOT receive promotional material other than offerings directly related to reparations and not for my own benefit.

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For 2019, I have committed to supporting 3 Black womxn and I invite you to join me in doing so. For two of these women, I am looking to not only meet immediate needs, but also provide consistent support on a monthly basis.

I am providing some “perks” to those who commit at higher levels:
* Monthly commitment of any amount: group energetic reading via email.
* $50+ will receive a 1 question reading or 15-minute long-distance Reiki healing
* $250+ will receive a session of their choice

The Womxn to support:

Catrice M. Jackson: Anti-racism educator, author, and advocate for Black Women. My efforts will be focused on funding Harriet’s Dream: a healing space for Black Women.

Goal: $5,000 for Harriet’s Dream
Goal Tracking: 0/$5,000
Send support here: Harriet’s Dream GoFundMe (use this link if you want to take advantage of perks)
This is my initial personal goal to help fund the center. To follow the whole process and see current total goal amounts, please go to the link above.

Jasmine Adbullah Richards: Black Lives Matter Pasadena founder, activist, and community leader (especially with Black youth in Pasadena). She does not have a lot of financial backing, is constantly being harassed by Pasadena police, and has difficulty with work due to the discriminatory conviction of felony lynching.

Monthly Pledge Goal: $2,000
Goal Tracking: 0/$2,000
Click here to send funds.

Shelagh Brown: Queer and disabled herbalist and social justice organizer with a focus on decolonization, reclaiming stolen medicine, and body positivity. Due to her disabilities, she had additional financial needs. She is also currently in school studying Social Justice organizing.

Immediate goal: $1200 to help with additional costs for teaching at an herbal event in Costa Rica
Click here to send funds.
Goal Tracking: 0/$1200

Monthly goal: $2,000
Goal Tracking: 0/$2,000

Periodic Urgent needs:

General Fund for Periodic urgent needs:
Click here to send funds.

Fund to support Single Parent POC families with special needs and/or medically fragile children:
Click here to send funds.