Free Your Voice Sessions

“Free Your Voice” sessions are a blend of voice teaching techniques, energy healing, and intuitive work designed to empower you to express your physical and inner voice as powerfully as possible.

These sessions are not just for singers or professional voice users! 

If you desire to be empowered to show up in the world more authentically and more fully, then this is for you. Each session is designed to equip you to meet your personal needs and goals. Some sessions may have a stronger energy healing focus, and others may focus more on body work.

An initial session is a little longer and includes an intake and vocal assessment. We will discuss your goals and ensure that we are meeting your needs! Session packages will be available starting in May 2018.

Sessions are conducted in person in Burbank, CA or online via Zoom (you’ll be able to download a copy of the session for future reference).

Childcare may be available for in-person sessions – please make a note when you book your session.

Ready to get started? Click here to book your session!