Energetic Voice Profile Descriptions

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The Wallflower

You may be soft spoken and shy, but the gentle energy you bring is just what some people need. You have the gift of observation and pulling people into your energetic space through your quiet presence. 

When you’re in your strength, you make people feel comfortable and can have a calming affect.

Your successful relationships will likely be with people who give you space to speak and to be yourself, and who make you feel seen, safe, and cared for. Be sure to practice speaking up with the people close to you so you can feel more comfortable doing so in other relationships.

To strengthen your voice, practice being in your body. Breathe deeply to connect to your personal power and use your voice to its fullest. Quiet meditation and grounding exercises will be beneficial to you, especially in circumstances where you feel out of your comfort zone.

The Attractor

You tend towards being quiet and some people may experience that as being unapproachable at times, but for most, there is strength and comfort in your presence. 

When you are in your strength, you are able to put people at ease naturally and can hold space for others extremely well. You are a deep listener and intuitive, and are able to take care of people easily. 

Your successful relationships will likely be with people who give you the space you need to share your own thoughts and feelings, take care of your, and help you recharge in the ways you need. Be mindful not to allow codependency in your relationships.

To strengthen your voice, practice boundaries and learn how to kindly (and sometimes unkindly) walk away from situations or conversations that take away your precious energy. 

The Exclaimer

You tend to be quiet or possibly feel awkward in conversations, but when you get excited or passionate about something, watch out! You can’t help but share (sometimes loudly)!

When you are in your strength, you are able to succinctly share knowledge and insight about the things you’re passionate about and are able to have mindful and deep conversations. You listen deeply and share passionately. 

Your successful relationships will likely be with people who are flexible and engaged listeners, who are able to express their boundaries with grace and love. 

To strengthen your voice, BREATHE deeply. When you feel quiet, remember to breathe and to listen to what others are saying. When you want to speak, remember to breathe and pause so you give space for others to respond.

The Gregarious

You tend to be an extremely fun and engaging person to be around – the life of the party! However, you may also use your fun and humorous personality to mask your true feelings and avoid the difficult conversations you may need to have with others.

When you are in your strength, you are able to make people feel at ease and relaxed in your presence, and give them space to be themselves as well. You are able to bring lightness to difficult topics, without bypassing the very real issues, making them more accessible to people.

Your successful relationships will likely be with people who are intuitive and see you for more than your fun personality. They are strong, gentle presence, and can see (and speak) through bullshit.

To balance your voice, ground and practice speaking your raw truth. Practicing your listening skills by allowing people to speak their own truth without cracking jokes. Lean in to discomfort.

The Talkative

You tend to talk fast and loudly, sometimes speaking over people without intending to, and you always have something to say in any given situation.

When you are in your strength, you can read a situation quickly, and know what needs to be said to move a conversation along, ease tension, give advice, or direct people in crisis.

Your successful relationships will likely be with people who are good listeners with strong boundaries, or other talkative people who can hold their own in a conversation.

To balance your voice, practice grounding and moving meditation (dancing or walking) or art to give your quick-moving mind a break. In conversations, be aware of giving others space to share their thoughts. Ask questions. Learn to be okay with silence at times.

The Assertive

You tend to have a strong presence and confident, resonant voice. Some people may experience you as domineering or arrogant, but that perceived arrogance is earned because you have worked hard to learn what you know.

When you are in your strength, you are successful in what you put your mind to, and you have a balance of listening to others and utilizing your strong presence to guide others to excellence.

Your successful relationships will be with people who give your room to be dominant. This could be someone who is naturally submissive, enjoys your dominance, and supports you in your pursuits, or someone who meets you in their own natural dominance while giving you space for yours.

To balance your voice, give yourself the space to simply BE and to recharge, to give your voice a break. Allow people to take care of you. Practice deep grounding, especially in situations where you are taking on a high level of leadership.

The Combo

You are a bit of a chameleon and are able to adjust your energy easily to a particular person or situation. Some people may experience this as being wishy-washy or like you’re hard to nail down, but this is truly a gift.

When you are in your strength, you know who you are at the core, and consciously allow different aspects of your personality and energy to show up as needed. You are flexible and able to adapt easily.

Your successful relationships will be with people who give you space and support to to pivot and change when you need to, or who support you towards your current goals. You may need diversity in your relationships in order to allow space for all aspects of who you are.

To strengthen your voice, take time to connect to what YOUR inner voice is telling you. Ask yourself, “What feels most authentic to ME in this moment?” Notice when you feel out of balance and bring yourself back to YOUR center.