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You are meant to feel confident in your connection to your inner voice and wisdom, in your ability to express yourself, and in the quality and energy of your physical voice.

You are meant to see people resonate with the authenticity of you through how you express your message and purpose in the world.

Many of us have experienced what I call a Voice Wound that affects how we present ourselves and our message to the world (or not). The Voice Wound has shown up in my life as fear of being vulnerable due to abuse in my childhood, fear of sharing the fullness of my gifts so I don’t appear selfish, self-centered, or prideful, as self-punishment by repeating patterns from my childhood, and in not feeling “good enough” so why bother. It took healing those wounds around my voice to be able to confidently share who I am with authenticity, vulnerability, and care for others around me in alignment with my purpose.

In customized Your Empowered Voice Coaching I walk you through:

  • Healing your Voice Wounds
  • Shifting negative patterns into positive ones
  • Connecting to your inner voice
  • Connecting to your physical voice
  • Finding confidence in any form of self-expression
  • Learning to manage and shift your energy quickly
  • Learning conscious vocal warm ups and techniques that will serve you in all areas of life

This results in a deeply healed connection to your inner voice that allows you to confidently express yourself in a way that people connect authentically to you, your purpose, and your offerings.

You’ll gain clarity about the path you’re meant to take in your life, business, and spirituality.

You’ll gain confidence in your ability to show up and use your voice authentically and in a way that is grounded, strong, and clear.

I believe healing happens on a spiral.

We are continually healing and for deep wounds, we come back to the same wounded places to come to a deeper level of healing. While I strongly believe we all have the ability to heal as we remember who we truly are underneath all the layers of wounds, social programming, etc, I also believe that conscious, skilled, and nurturing guidance and healing can help you reach deeper levels of healing faster. That is what I offer in the Your Empowered Voice Method.

Why Customizeable?

Each person’s needs and resources are unique, so I customize plans just for YOU and your needs, whether it’s one session, or 6 months+ of working together!

Schedule a 30 min call and I can answer questions, find out what you need, and give you a custom plan to help you cultivate confidence in your voice.

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What exactly is the Voice Wound?

The Voice Wound is the place where your pain suppresses your voice and holds you back from confidently speaking your truth, sharing your mission, connecting with clients, or sharing your gifts with the world.

You may have a Voice Wound if you ever heard anything negative or were bullied about your voice:

“You can’t sing”

“Your voice sounds weird”

“You talk funny”

“Speak louder!”

“Be more clear”

Or maybe you weren’t allowed to express yourself the way you want to or were shut down:

“Stop talking so much”

“Get to the point”

“I don’t want to hear it”

“Just spit it out”

“Talk normally, please”

And now you’re finding yourself with something to share with the world – healing, art, an amazing product or service – and you’re not connecting with the people who need it.

How exactly does it work?

The Signature Package includes 6 sessions customized to your needs and goals. These are a combination of Soul sessions and Empowered Voice sessions. The purpose of Soul Sessions includes clarity, guidance, spiritual and energetic healing, and clearing old patterns. Empowered Voice sessions include energy healing and a combination of conscious energy work and physical voice work to help you embody the connection to your inner voice.

In your initial session (90 minutes), we will go over your intake questions and make a plan for our time together, as well as do your initial Soul Session. In this session, we’ll look into what patterns, wounds, and soul level agreements are affecting your life now, shift the energy of each, and start the process of fully learning the lessons in each so you are ready to release them fully.

The final session will be another Soul Session to complete the releasing process, replace agreements with something beneficial and give you additional guidance as you embody your healing and purpose.

The sessions in between will be a combination of Empowered Voice and Soul Sessions, depending on your needs, with at least two of them being Empowered Voice sessions.

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This work is my journey, my passion, and my purpose! I look forward to having you join me and free our voices together.