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…Breathe in slow and deep. Pause. Exhale evenly and slowly…

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My recent post coming out as Pagan was a long time coming…and a journey that took me through different levels of spirituality until I found what my spirit was looking for – a connection to my heritage and the divine that reflects my values. It took slowly stripping away my beliefs and spiritual programming over a period of years, and assessing them one by one through heart, soul, and mind. It took moving through grief, unease, discomfort, and fear. And also excitement, joy, and a sense of expansion.

Before we’re ready to use our voices in a healthy way, or express certain parts of our identity, we must tap into our inner voice and do the inner healing work of healing wounds and removing agreements that aren’t truly beneficial to us. Yes, we can still speak our minds and hold our boundaries as we go, in a way that’s authentic, but tapping into the inner voice is paramount. I was ready to share this new spiritual path with the world because I had done the inner work and I was ready to face any consequences that might come from sharing this. I am grounded and centered in my beliefs, at least enough to feel stable and secure in where I stand.

When we use our physical voice, there must be an intake of breath. And then a brief pause (or suspension) of that breath until we’re ready to use our voice. The same dynamic is important when we express ourselves in any capacity. We must balance the inhale with the exhale. We must find our peace in the stillness of the pause. The deeper we breathe, the more control we have over the suspension and the more strong, stable, and efficient the out breath is as we speak.

This concept applies to the collective spirit, the individual spirit, the energetic body, and the physical body, and each layer is intertwined.

The path I’ve been walking over the past few year of shedding old beliefs and finding my sexuality, my spirituality, my humanity, and connecting more deeply to the healthiest parts of my inner voice, is the path I walk with others in the Free Your Voice Method.

Your path is your own, but we’re not meant to live in solitude. Connection to others is what inspires us, encourages us, lifts us up when we’re down, and holds us accountable when we need it. Those connections give us the framework in which to heal and embody the lessons that we learn as we heal and remember who we truly are.

That’s what I offer…someone who can walk with you as you connect to your inner voice, heal the Voice Wounds, and embody the expression of your voice on all levels. Are you ready to join me?


Tuning In vs Speaking Out

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Most people with voice wounds tend to feel restriction in their self-expression. However, sometimes a voice wound shows up as speaking up without thinking or without depth in what you’re saying – verbal vomit, if you will. Regardless of how your voice wound shows up, the first step in freeing your voice and healing the voice wound is to tune in to your inner voice and what your spirit wants to say.

The voice wound is the place where you hold emotional, spiritual, or even physical trauma (not necessary near your throat) from those who have tried to silence you, dismiss you, or suppress your self-expression. It is the place where you feel restricted in your ability to speak up for yourself, where you feel like nobody wants to hear what you have to say, or you fear possible rejection when you step into your full authentic self.

Freeing your voice allows you to not only step into the fullness of your self, your message, and your purpose, but also takes you beyond that into the JOY that comes from a connection to your inner voice and the satisfaction that comes from living out your purpose. Healing these wounds can result in freedom in many other areas of life beyond how you live your purpose in business or career, including mental and physical health, relationships, and spiritual connection to the earth and your ancestors.



Samhain Card Spread

Samhain Blessings! This time of year is the time to honor and connect with our ancestors. Sometimes they teach us how we want to live, and sometimes they teach us how we do NOT want to live. Both are important lessons and we can express our gratitude for both types of lessons.

Use any Oracle or Tarot card deck of your choice, use the questions in your Akashic records, or any other divination method of your choosing <3 Share your spread in the comments (or tag me on social media @YourEmpoweredVoice) if you’d like!

If you want to connect to your inner voice and tap into the confidence your ancestors desire for you, join me in the next round of the Empower Your Voice Program, starting soon!

If you’d like to connect to your ancestors, past lives, receive guidance, or healing, I am available for Akashic Record readings.

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Your body is a perfect temple…now

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[Image: A side view of a woman of color laying on a massage table. Marieke, a white woman with a fat body, is standing with her hands on the woman’s head as she gives her Reiki treatment.] PC: BKM Photography at Amber & Honey. Model: Linda Mortenson of Little Red Kit
[CW: Mention of weight fluctuations]
Loving yourself is a radical act, especially when that includes loving a body that is fat.

Over the past 10 years or so my body and I have been on quite a journey. I discovered the body positivity movement and that was one of my first forays into online activism and social justice. But it was deeply personal because I carried a lot of wounds around my weight and size. I released a lot of society’s expectations, family expectations, and rejected the diet industry. 

My body has fluctuated a lot since then as well. Pregnancy in particular started a rollercoaster of weight fluctuations. But through it all, I stayed pretty body positive. In fact, pregnancy and nursing gave me a lot of respect for what my body could do, despite some difficulties through both.

I’ve also fluctuated between loving my body, loving my body and wanting it to change, being okay with my body and wanting it to change, and moments of frustration that I’m at my highest non-pregnant adult weight.

This morning while in the Akashic Records, I heard “Love your body and it will turn to a deeper love of yourself”. It was a reminder that I need to love my body unconditionally. Treat it gently, take good care of it (regardless of my composition), do things that make me feel good.

The body is the container that holds our truest self, our energy, our vibrancy, and the way we connect with others. I have heard people use the idea of the body being a temple as a way to shame and say that we therefore need to spend all this time keeping it beautiful and pristine (meaning: eat a certain way and work out so you look like a model). But that’s a lie! Our bodies are beautiful, pristine temples ALL THE TIME. Yes, give it a good cleaning regularly, take care of it as best you can. But the main purpose of a temple is that it holds something sacred. It is what it contains that makes it a temple, not what it looks like. 

So, love yourself. Love the body that holds the sacredness of you. It is the perfect body for you at this moment. It may change as you change, and that’s okay too.

By the Seat of My Pants

I admit it…I tend to do things by the seat of my pants. I’ve tried to overcompensate in the past by planning to the gills (and spent more time planning than doing), but then I’d get other inspirations that didn’t go along with my plans, so those plans I worked so hard on would fly out the window.

I recently had a Soul Empowerment reading with Simran N’golet of Get Real with Your Soul and she mentioned that I’m someone who figures things out by DOING. And she totally nailed it. She encouraged me to cancel and throw away that need to plan things out, ignore the people who say I need to make a master plan, and just keep doing things my own way. Cause you know what? IT WORKS FOR ME!

So often we have this tendency to fit ourselves into the mold that society has created. But we are all unique and have something special to offer. Maybe the mold was created with you in mind, but maybe, like me, you don’t fit. Why try to force yourself into it?!

When I try to force things to happen within a detailed goal map master plan, I end up feeling frustrated, anxious, and like I’m trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It just doesn’t work. I might eke something out, but it ends up being soulless. However, when I wait on Spirit to guide me, and wait for those intuitive soul nudges, everything falls into place perfectly. The words come easily, the things I need arrive right on time, and inspiration flows. I am so much more productive this way!

Our family is starting to venture into homeschooling in an official capacity in the Fall. I was recently reading an article about unschoolers who went on to pursue higher education (unschooling is a style of homeschooling that takes a child-led approach versus parent/teacher-led). I realized yet again that I am an unschooler at heart, even though my family took a different approach to homeschooling. I have a wild heart that I am learning to embrace. I love learning and will follow my passions with fierceness until I’m satisfied and ready to move on to the next thing.

The past few months I haven’t done much planning ahead, despite moving on from one business to launch something totally different. I’ve been gradually letting go and listening to my intuition and doing things when I’m lit up about them. I’ve been discovering I have passions that were in “hibernation” because I felt I had to fit into a box in order to do them. Writing is one of those things (expect a lot more from me in that department!).

Even though I’ve launched my business officially, I’m still learning more (I’m currently in an Akashic Record Reading certification course with Satwinder Simone Isser and am always continuing my anti-racism and social justice education), I’m still working on new offerings (a more expansive self care program will be launching by the Fall), and listening to intuitive nudges about other things to work on (like an oracle card deck). I’m also hearing a lot about what to let go of. I’m letting go of everything that doesn’t serve me, even if it’s painful. I’m learning to be still and listen to the quiet voice that guides.

There is wildness, there is abundance, there is freedom, there is gratitude, there is joy. I have not felt this free in a very long time. And my hope is that anyone who encounters me and my work in any capacity is led to more freedom. I want my clients and customers to grow beyond what I can give them – to flourish in their own wild abundance.

How are you learning to embrace your wild nature, your freedom, and your unique self in this moment? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

(PS: if you’d like some healing and empowering work to help you on your journey, I would be honored to have you in my safe and sacred space for a Free Your Voice session.)