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Coming in 2019: FYV Coaching!

Introducing Free Your Voice Coaching!

This is not a typical life, business, or voice coaching program. This coaching program has some similar components, but is focused on healing your voice wounds and guiding you through all the elements of freeing your voice, including healing work, voice work, and akashic record sessions to help you dig deep and fully embody what you learn through practice.

Singing, spiritual connection, and voice work (especially when combined with energy work) are all transformational. They also require PRACTICE in order to become second nature. One Free Your Voice session can give you tools to support your voice, but can easily be forgotten without continued feedback instead of becoming second nature.

I’m ready to work with people who are passionate about sharing their purpose and calling with the world. My ideal clients are 100% committed to freeing their voice, and willing to do regular work to be empowered to heal their voices physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
These customizable Free Your Voice Coaching 3-month packages are available starting in January 7th, and will be limited to 5-8 people.
2-4 sessions/month including:
* Akashic Sessions focused on freeing your voice by clearing anything holding you back, healing any voice-related wounds, and more
* Free Your Voice sessions (energy healing/balancing and energetic voice work) customized to your goals and vocal needs
* Ongoing access to me for support
This program will also be available on a sliding scale, starting at $100/month for 2 sessions a month, including flexible payment plans.
Package options:
Mini Package: For smaller budgets or those who have already worked with me regularly
2 sessions per month (for a total of 6 – at least 2 Akashic sessions)
Messenger or text support
$300-900 sliding scale (Payment options available)
Spacious Package: For those who need a little more space in their schedule
3 sessions per month (for a total of 9 – at least 2 Akashic sessions)
Messenger or text support
$450-1,350 sliding scale (Payment options available)
Focused Package: For those ready to dig deep!
4 sessions per month (for a total of 12 – at least 3 Akashic sessions)
Messenger or text support
$600-1,800 sliding scale (Payment options available)
Contact me at for details, or set up a free info call here to see if we’re a good fit:

Samhain Card Spread

Samhain Blessings! This time of year is the time to honor and connect with our ancestors. Sometimes they teach us how we want to live, and sometimes they teach us how we do NOT want to live. Both are important lessons and we can express our gratitude for both types of lessons.

Use any Oracle or Tarot card deck of your choice, use the questions in your Akashic records, or any other divination method of your choosing <3 Share your spread in the comments (or tag me on social media @YourEmpoweredVoice) if you’d like!

If you want to connect to your inner voice and tap into the confidence your ancestors desire for you, join me in the next round of the Empower Your Voice Program, starting soon!

If you’d like to connect to your ancestors, past lives, receive guidance, or healing, I am available for Akashic Record readings.

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Your body is a perfect temple…now

BKM-20180531-0303 (1)
[Image: A side view of a woman of color laying on a massage table. Marieke, a white woman with a fat body, is standing with her hands on the woman’s head as she gives her Reiki treatment.] PC: BKM Photography at Amber & Honey. Model: Linda Mortenson of Little Red Kit
[CW: Mention of weight fluctuations]
Loving yourself is a radical act, especially when that includes loving a body that is fat.

Over the past 10 years or so my body and I have been on quite a journey. I discovered the body positivity movement and that was one of my first forays into online activism and social justice. But it was deeply personal because I carried a lot of wounds around my weight and size. I released a lot of society’s expectations, family expectations, and rejected the diet industry. 

My body has fluctuated a lot since then as well. Pregnancy in particular started a rollercoaster of weight fluctuations. But through it all, I stayed pretty body positive. In fact, pregnancy and nursing gave me a lot of respect for what my body could do, despite some difficulties through both.

I’ve also fluctuated between loving my body, loving my body and wanting it to change, being okay with my body and wanting it to change, and moments of frustration that I’m at my highest non-pregnant adult weight.

This morning while in the Akashic Records, I heard “Love your body and it will turn to a deeper love of yourself”. It was a reminder that I need to love my body unconditionally. Treat it gently, take good care of it (regardless of my composition), do things that make me feel good.

The body is the container that holds our truest self, our energy, our vibrancy, and the way we connect with others. I have heard people use the idea of the body being a temple as a way to shame and say that we therefore need to spend all this time keeping it beautiful and pristine (meaning: eat a certain way and work out so you look like a model). But that’s a lie! Our bodies are beautiful, pristine temples ALL THE TIME. Yes, give it a good cleaning regularly, take care of it as best you can. But the main purpose of a temple is that it holds something sacred. It is what it contains that makes it a temple, not what it looks like. 

So, love yourself. Love the body that holds the sacredness of you. It is the perfect body for you at this moment. It may change as you change, and that’s okay too.
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[Poem] The Moment


I wake up and I feel the heaviness settle in
wondering… why?
what am I doing wrong?

Tears fall and I must decide
to change
to leave
to accept

I step outside… to change
I breathe in the crisp morning air
chaos surrounds me
cars start
school children leave
sirens race past
insects devour plants

Yet my mind becomes quiet
I feel like the eye of the storm
the cacophony surrounding me stills
my heart is stilled
peace is in the morning air
joy is in the dew on the grass

I am joy.
I am love.
I am the calm in the storm.


© 2018 Marieke Schwartz

May be freely shared with proper attribution and link back

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Discovering Your Voice

In the previous article, I shared a way for you to Ground Your Voice – the foundation of Free Your Voice sessions.

There are four primary elements to the voice work: Grounding, Discovering, Freeing, and Balancing.

Initial sessions typically address Grounding and Discovering to varying degrees. As you build that foundation (and depending on your goals and skills), future sessions will delve in to more Freeing and Balancing work.

This video demonstrates the expansive work of discovering your voice and its capabilities, range, and power.


Book a free info session here to learn more.

How do you feel after doing this exercise? Let me know how this was helpful to you!