Free Your Voice Guest Expert Application

Hello! I am so glad you are interested in being a guest expert for the Free Your Voice Collective.

The Free Your Voice Collective is a monthly membership program geared towards spiritual and creative entrepreneurs, healers, and artists that couples deep self care practices with spirituality to help members connect to their inner voice and spirituality so they can in turn Free Their Voice and share themselves with the world.

In exchange for your expertise, masterclass guest experts will be given the opportunity to share their offerings during the class, and social media and promotional links will be included in the class notes. I will also promote guests and their work to my audience via email and on my own social media platforms. Masterclass guest experts will also be given free access to the membership for one year.

The topics I will be focusing on for Masterclasses are self-care best practices (physical, spiritual, financial, rest, healing, etc), healing work that supports tapping into the inner voice/self or freeing the voice, and practices that support creativity or spirituality. I will also be centering voices that are not always heard or valued in our culture, such as voices from POC, the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled and chronic illness communities, and more. Intersectionality and social justice are core values of mine and I will honor any experiences and insights you wish to share about freeing your own voice. (Read more about my Racial and Social Justice Commitments here).

You may fill out the form below, or you can email a media kit, along with a headshot and any other marketing images, to

Once I receive your information, I will review it to ensure we’re a fit. If so, I will send you a scheduling link and information for recording the Masterclass!