Are you ready?


…Breathe in slow and deep. Pause. Exhale evenly and slowly…

Image of the sun on the horizon in the nook of a green valley. In the foreground is a pile of stones with more stones spiraling out in circles from the center.

My recent post coming out as Pagan was a long time coming…and a journey that took me through different levels of spirituality until I found what my spirit was looking for – a connection to my heritage and the divine that reflects my values. It took slowly stripping away my beliefs and spiritual programming over a period of years, and assessing them one by one through heart, soul, and mind. It took moving through grief, unease, discomfort, and fear. And also excitement, joy, and a sense of expansion.

Before we’re ready to use our voices in a healthy way, or express certain parts of our identity, we must tap into our inner voice and do the inner healing work of healing wounds and removing agreements that aren’t truly beneficial to us. Yes, we can still speak our minds and hold our boundaries as we go, in a way that’s authentic, but tapping into the inner voice is paramount. I was ready to share this new spiritual path with the world because I had done the inner work and I was ready to face any consequences that might come from sharing this. I am grounded and centered in my beliefs, at least enough to feel stable and secure in where I stand.

When we use our physical voice, there must be an intake of breath. And then a brief pause (or suspension) of that breath until we’re ready to use our voice. The same dynamic is important when we express ourselves in any capacity. We must balance the inhale with the exhale. We must find our peace in the stillness of the pause. The deeper we breathe, the more control we have over the suspension and the more strong, stable, and efficient the out breath is as we speak.

This concept applies to the collective spirit, the individual spirit, the energetic body, and the physical body, and each layer is intertwined.

The path I’ve been walking over the past few year of shedding old beliefs and finding my sexuality, my spirituality, my humanity, and connecting more deeply to the healthiest parts of my inner voice, is the path I walk with others in the Free Your Voice Method.

Your path is your own, but we’re not meant to live in solitude. Connection to others is what inspires us, encourages us, lifts us up when we’re down, and holds us accountable when we need it. Those connections give us the framework in which to heal and embody the lessons that we learn as we heal and remember who we truly are.

That’s what I offer…someone who can walk with you as you connect to your inner voice, heal the Voice Wounds, and embody the expression of your voice on all levels. Are you ready to join me?

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