Tuning In vs Speaking Out

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Most people with voice wounds tend to feel restriction in their self-expression. However, sometimes a voice wound shows up as speaking up without thinking or without depth in what you’re saying – verbal vomit, if you will. Regardless of how your voice wound shows up, the first step in freeing your voice and healing the voice wound is to tune in to your inner voice and what your spirit wants to say.

The voice wound is the place where you hold emotional, spiritual, or even physical trauma (not necessary near your throat) from those who have tried to silence you, dismiss you, or suppress your self-expression. It is the place where you feel restricted in your ability to speak up for yourself, where you feel like nobody wants to hear what you have to say, or you fear possible rejection when you step into your full authentic self.

Freeing your voice allows you to not only step into the fullness of your self, your message, and your purpose, but also takes you beyond that into the JOY that comes from a connection to your inner voice and the satisfaction that comes from living out your purpose. Healing these wounds can result in freedom in many other areas of life beyond how you live your purpose in business or career, including mental and physical health, relationships, and spiritual connection to the earth and your ancestors.


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