Samhain Card Spread

Samhain Blessings! This time of year is the time to honor and connect with our ancestors. Sometimes they teach us how we want to live, and sometimes they teach us how we do NOT want to live. Both are important lessons and we can express our gratitude for both types of lessons.

Use any Oracle or Tarot card deck of your choice, use the questions in your Akashic records, or any other divination method of your choosing <3 Share your spread in the comments (or tag me on social media @YourEmpoweredVoice) if you’d like!

If you want to connect to your inner voice and tap into the confidence your ancestors desire for you, join me in the next round of the Empower Your Voice Program, starting soon!

If you’d like to connect to your ancestors, past lives, receive guidance, or healing, I am available for Akashic Record readings.

Samhain Card Spread (1)

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