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So…what IS a “Free Your Voice” session?

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So, you’re intrigued about this whole “Free Your Voice” thing, but you’re not really sure what exactly it is. If you desire to use your voice to it’s fullest capacity, and be empowered to speak your truth with more power, then read on! You can also book an info session to get more personalized information.

Creating something new is both powerful and challenging. On one hand, I have something really unique to offer to people. But on the other hand, they have no idea what it is! So I’m going to get a little in depth and describe what a session is like and how you can benefit from it.

As I describe on my services page, Free Your Voice sessions are a blend of energy healing, intuitive work, and voice teaching techniques. That gives a general idea, but I’m going to go more in depth into each element as I walk you through a session, and how each element can help the various levels of freeing your voice. Ultimately, my technique is holistic, addressing both energetic, spiritual, and physical levels of your voice and self expression.

When you first come in, I check in to see what your needs are in that moment, and then we start with Reiki, a form of energy work.

Reiki is the same Universal Life Force or bio-energy described as Qi/Chi in traditional Chinese medicine and energy work like Qigong, Prana in Hindu practices such as Yoga, or like the “laying on of hands” when praying for someone in the Christian tradition.

Similar ideas include the idea of “vital breath”, such as Ruach Ha Kodesh (the Breath of God) in Hebrew, the Islamic terms Nafs and Ruh, or the Greek word Pneuma meaning vital breath. It is the life force that is both within us all as individuals, and in the greater Universe and available for us to access. A Reiki practitioner uses their hands to channel this energy to your body using hand placements according to the chakra system. The healing ultimately is a self-healing because your body only takes in what it needs or wants.

After you receive Reiki and you have a moment to drink some water and settle for a moment. Then we’ll begin the physical vocal work, customized to your needs.

While voice work is physical, because you’re moving your energy and breath through your body, it affects more than just your physical self. Using your voice is a holistic act.

I will walk you through grounding your body and moving your breathing lower in your body. This facilitates a steadiness and brings your power to your voice. I will also help gently correct posture and body mechanics to allow for easier flow of breath and voice.  You will also be guided through how to continue this work on your own so that you can practice using various forms of feedback, such as hands placed on your body, using a mirror, etc.

Once breathing is established, we bring in the voice and play around with the full range of your voice. What is unique about my work is that I don’t focus on pitch matching, especially at the beginning.

Each voice is unique and the more we embrace our voices and allow them to BE, the more we get in touch with our selves and can then build upon that foundation of self love and self acceptance.

So we experiment with vocal exercises where precise pitch doesn’t matter. You will discover more about your voice and how to use it, and I use my intuition and vocal knowledge to guide you to where your voice SHINES from within. If your goal is to be able to speak better, we also translate the work to spoken practices. If you have other goals of self expression, you can utilize these practices to prepare yourself energetically for creating your art.

Throughout this whole process, I create a safe and encouraging environment where you are able to be vulnerable and express yourself in ways you may not have before. You will learn how certain exercises can help you meet your personal goals.

Virtual sessions are very similar, except that I do long distance reiki while you rest in a comfortable place, and I use video conferencing to do the vocal work.

I have experience with clients who have never sung, consider themselves tone deaf (which is actually very rare – most of the time it’s rooted in a physical imbalance), and those who sing karaoke or sing at church or and desire to improve their skills. There is a range of personal goals as well. Some people desire to sing, some desire to speak with more power, and some desire to express themselves more fully. My job is to help YOU be empowered to use your own voice to it’s fullest capacity.

If you have more questions about how this work can help you personally, or would like to chat before booking a session, please schedule a free info session here! 

I also have some new things in the works related to freeing your voice, so be sure to join the Free Your Voice email list here (and you’ll get a little gift from me!). And join the Unapologetic Spiritual Creative Facebook group for support in freeing your voice as you get connected to your voice, your spirituality, and your creativity!

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